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New Mexico Juniors athletes taking their skills to the next level. 


Hannah Thompson, Notre Dame University

Anna Detry, Colorado State University


Abby Stomp, Northern Arizona University


Julia Landavazo, Georgia Southern

Carly Beddingfield, Long Beach State University

Dani-Rae Wascher , St Edwards University

2008-2014 Alumni


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shoulder shoulder injury


New Mexico Juniors is dedicated to giving their athletes the best opportunity to learn and improve at the game of volleyball, but not at the expense of player’s physical and mental well-being. NM Jrs. uses focused and developed training methods that give players a high number of repetitions in a given time frame. It is the opinion of New Mexico Jrs. that players need not train 5 or 6 days per week if the training they receive is focused and efficient. Excessive training can damage the minds and bodies of developing athletes, and this can lead to burn out and most often overuse injuries. Overuse injuries can also be a product of players only focusing on one sport or more specifically one position in that one sport which can lead to injuries from repetitive movements of the same joints and muscle groups. We encourage young players to try every position and also play other sports to become a better and more well rounded athlete. I am including links to several articles that cover the topic of overtraining as it relates to volleyball.

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